American Smoke Premium E-Cigarette Review

Can’t quit smoking but find it disgusting…? Indeed, smoking is bad but what can be done when you can’t quit the habit? Try out the alternatives! Today, I am introducing American Smoke E Cigarette, an e-cigarette alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Check out why it is a must try for all you smokers.

Product In Brief!

It is an electronic cigarette that poses as a side effect free and pollution free smoking alternative. It is free of tobacco but when smoked, gives one the same sensation of smoking a tobacco cigarette minus the harmful smoke. It is also incredibly easy to use and is legal for smoking in public places and safe for indoors.

More Details

The whole starter pack contains

  • Stainless atomizer with lithium-ion battery (rechargeable)
  • USB charger
  • Wall Charger
  • Hard Plastic Carrying case
  • Designer display box
  • 5 full flavored Nicotine Cartridges
  • 20 page long, concise and easy Instruction manual

What Does American Smoke Contain?

It contains a mild liquid solution of nicotine.

How Does American Smoke E Cig Work?

  • The battery is what keeps the cigarette going so the battery is switched on to smoke the cigarette
  • The cartridge contains the liquid solution and as it heated, the cigarette emits a water vapor

Would I Suggest It?

Yes, definitely. I have been a chain smoker for more than a decade during my journalism career but after I settled down in the countryside with my wife, I knew I had to stop smoking so much. So, e-cigarettes were my safe haven. By now I have tried almost 25 different brands but this is somewhat distinct. I really like the flavors and the nicotine is also not strong which is safe for my health. Besides, it is a value for money product. My friends’ use it too and prefer it to their tobacco cigarettes.

Why Should You Try It?

  • Compared to the tobacco cigarettes, it has less health hazards
  • It is actually a great alternative to quit tobacco smoking
  • It saves money as the battery is rechargeable and several cartridges can be used in one pack
  • Cartridge comes in different flavors
  • It is legal for one to smoke in public place using e-cigarettes
  • Prevents tobacco addiction and problems caused by tobacco smoke like Bad breath, fast aging, eye bags etc


Do not use if not above 18 years of age or allergic to nicotine or have a medical complication that might be fuelled by liquid nicotine smoking.

Where To Buy?

American Smoke Electronic Cigarette can be purchased at its official website.

Buy ECigAir Online! This Electronic Cigarettes Review Will Tell You About The E Cig In Detail!

My Experience..

I was aware of the fact that smoking is injurious to health but, the bad habit of puffing at least 5-6 times a day was not letting me accept this fact. The everyday use of cigarettes was not only affecting my health but, it was also affecting my pocket. Juggling between these situations, I got a surprise gift tagged eCigAir from my close friend. I am using it for last 4 months and it is mild on my health as well as pocket.

Read on to my review to reveal more to it..

eCigAir Detailed Reviewtry now

It is the most effective and beneficiary gift ever given to me by someone. It is an advanced form of cigarettes which is convenient, reliable and cheap compared to real cigarettes. This revolutionary invention makes you enjoy the flavor of nicotine without the addition of any harmful chemicals, tar or any other additive to it. This unique product even makes you save thousands of dollars every year the moment you switch to its use. This battery powered device looks and feel like a real cigarette only. It even allows you to smoke indoors, outdoors or wherever you want without creating a second hand effect for others.

The Kit Includes

It is available in an east to carry kit which includes:

  • Instruction manual

  • Designer soft carrying case

  • 2 durable clearomizers

  • Wall charger

  • USB charger

  • Free 10ml e-liquid

  • 2 long life lithium-lon rechargeable batteries

How Does eCigAir Work?

It is a superior product which is free from the use of any additives, chemicals or tar. It only contains nicotine which is used to provide you a realistic smoking sensation without any harm. It is mainly available in two parts- the clearomizer and the battery. The battery is used to provide power to the clearomizer which further heats the liquid nicotine. This reaction creates a harmless water vapor which can be exhaled creating a realistic smoking sensation.

does it really works


  • Offers 100% guaranteed satisfaction

  • Provides realistic smoking sensation

  • Risk free product

  • Assures 6 months warranty policy

  • Offers real savings

  • Allows you to smoke anytime and anywhere

  • Contains less chemicals than a real cigarette

  • Offers safe and secure on-line transactions


  • Not made for the use of under 18

  • Not evaluated as per FDA terms

  • Offers limited supply per day

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Visible Benefits

I have really experienced great results! I am grateful to my friend for gifting me such a great product. I am using this for last 4 months and the highly visible benefits I have experienced out of this are that it has saved me from the excess expenditure on cigarettes and it has also protected me from the intake of harmful chemicals. The list of benefits don’t end here, my yellow teeth, bad breath, smelly clothes and hair are no more a part of my life. It’s simply amazing and I would love to recommend this to others!

Market Pricing

eCigAir is an easy to afford product which does not cost you much. It is available at an affordable price of USD 114.99 only. You can also claim your trial pack from its official web page by paying a minimal amount of USD 9.99 as shipping and handling charges.

Where to Buy?

Avail your kit of eCigAir easily and directly from its official website only!

Market Response

In order to be assured about this product, my friend made me visit several links which further enlightened me more about the product. Its listed testimonials and clinical tests reveal that it is the most effective product with positive results. Many users support this statement very well. So, you can feel assured about this product and can plan your purchase without any fear!

where to buy ecigair